About Us

A sense of perspective can be invaluable in ensuring a company’s own success, as well as the success of those it serves. Pieper’s perspective runs deeper than most. Through forty years and three office buildings in the Los Angeles area, our organization has witnessed and embraced every major development in design, production and marketing while steaming full speed ahead into the future.

When we opened our doors at Pieper, the first personal computers were years away from family living rooms and handheld calculators were still something of a novelty. We streamlined our communications as the fax machine replaced traditional mail, and then again as emails eventually replaced faxes. We embraced the possibilities as digital images and revisions superseded sketches on tracing paper.

Over the years, not only have we learned how to use our resources to deliver results to our clients faster than our competitors, our experience has taught us which marketing techniques really work. We think history speaks for itself—we wouldn’t have been exceeding client expectations for so long if we hadn’t devoted our time to fully understanding each consumer generation and eagerly embracing every productive technological innovation.

Since 1975 we have covered it all. From business cards for start-ups we believed in, to multi-million-dollar projects for high-profile companies looking to refresh their brands. We have designed websites, packaging and promotional pieces for well-known companies from virtually every industry: Purex sell sheets, Hostess packaging, Mars extranet websites, Honda apps and Revlon display cases to name a few. The fresh challenges of each new job keep us inspired, energized and enthusiastic.

Our talented creative and production teams work hard to yield excellent results tailored to your company and your brand. Of course over the years the faces at Pieper have changed a little; we’ve wished some friends well as they’ve pursued other ventures and we’ve gained fresh perspectives from new members of the team, but the company’s character has remained the same. We measure our success by the success of our clients—when you do well, so do we. And we pledge to work diligently, from that first moment of inspiration through the final steps production and shipment, to quickly deliver innovative work that achieves exceptional results.