While many of our clients have their own marketing department, sometimes an extra hand is needed for specific projects. These projects can include anything from launching a new website to launching, or relaunching, a product. Read more on how we helped EB Stone redesign and relaunch packaging for their heritage brand.

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Taking Special Care

Working with EB Stone Organics to update their packaging meant taking special care with a brand that’s been around for more than 100 years. It was important to keep the look of their signature illustrations while updating everything so it feels fresh and relevant—and helps keep sales going strong—for years to come.

EB Stone bags

Creating Packaging For The Real World

Outdoor garden centers, where most EB Stone Organics products are sold, create unique challenges for packaging. We made sure each product not only looks good from the front, but that it also communicates clearly from aisles away when stacked on a pallet. Understanding the individual challenges each retail environment presents has helped us become packaging experts.

Ebstone Packaging

New Bag Design
With all SKUs refreshed and modernized, the brand will continue to look good for years to come.

eb stone packaging

New Bag Sides & Ends
The sides and butts of the bags now communicate clearly to consumers what the product is for.

EB Stone Bags

New Bags Vs. Old Bags
The improved packaging stands out in store—and stands up to being displayed outdoors in bright light.

EBS Brochure

Printed Collateral Is Key For Communicating

Marketing materials—like point of purchase signage, direct mail, and brochures—help retailers and consumers understand and appreciate your products. They are also crucial when making changes to your brand so that you communicate clearly just what those changes are.

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